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 Hydraulic Drill Stand.           $1,500.00





ATLAS COPCOBBC1201900 Blows per MinuteTBABBC120 Drills
ATLAS COPCO1032S/N AV003D884BB21-589Atlas Copco 1032 Drill
ATLAS COPCO1032REBUILT Atlas Copco 1032 Rebuilt Drills
ATLAS COPCO1038UsedB21-596 B21-596
ATLAS COPCO1038UsedB21-597Atlas Copco 1038 HD
ATLAS COPCO1238RebuiltB21-593Atlas Copco 1238 Drill
ATLAS COPCO1238ME B21-573Alas Copco 1238ME
ATLAS COPCO1238MENAC02423AB21-559Atlas Copco 1238ME
ATLAS COPCORotary Air Drill B21-598Atlas Copco Air Drill
ATLAS COPCO1838HD B21-612thumb B21-612
ATLAS COPCO1838HD-T38 07Fully rebuilt by Atlas CopcoB21-606Atlas Copco 1838HD-T38 07
ATLAS COPCOT38D7 B21-611Atlas Copco 2238 HD-T38 07
ATLAS COPCODrill Saddle B21-602Atlas Copco Drill Saddle
ATLAS COPCODrill SaddleAluminumB21-603Atlas Copco Drill Saddle
BAZOOKAUnderground Drill B21-591Bazooka Underground Drill
BOART536  Boart 536
CANNONCH32Bolt Drivers Cannon CH32 Drivers
GARDNER DENVER  PR1000 Air Drifters Gardner Denver PR1000 Air Drifter
MONTABERT HC50 H050A00163  Montabert HC 50
NPK H-4X Hammer with Slide B21-021 NPK H-4X hammer
SANDVIK  HLX5 B21-590 B21-590
TAMROCK/SANDVIK HL300 NEW! Sandvik HL300 Hyd Drill
TAMROCK Hydrostar 200 and 300 Cores, Rebuilt and New available Hydrostar 300 Drifters with Flushing Heads
TAMROCKHL500Good used, tested, No leaksAD21-0001
TAMROCKHL500 & HL510Good used, Resealed and rebuilt availableTamrock HL500 and HL510 Drifters
TAMROCK  HLX5Fully Rebuilt DriftersB21-566 & B21-567 Tamrock HLX5 Drifters
TAMROCK L550NEW!! Air Drifters Tamrock L550 Air Drifter
TAMROCK L550   Tamrock L550 Drill


Electric/Hyd Drill Wagon

380/660 Volts, 50 Hertz 4 Hours since New, Air Compressor


TAMROCK SPD-20Hyd. Drill/Diesel Power Pack NEWApprox Dimensions 4' x 4' x 3' HighB20-45


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