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Dust Suppression Tote - Diesel Sprayer


Telephone: +1-705-566-8190
Fax: +1-705-566-6680

Manufacturer: Driftech
Asset Number: N/A

Dust Suppression Tote - Diesel Sprayer

Motor: Yanmar 7 HP Diesel electric start and PTX included

Centrifuged re-enforced poly Pump with 44 gpm @ 50 psi

325 US gallon polyethylene tank

Front lower and upper spray bar with 4 nozzles (2 or 5 gpm)

Right and left side spray bars with 3 each nozzles (2 or 5 gpm) and capable of folding down

Wrap around bumper with markers

20 lbs fire extinguisher with mounting bracket

12-volt battery with battery case and master switch

All electrical wrapped in green loom and terminated in junction box

Mobile unit carried with forklift.

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